you can now pre-order the cd in the shop! right here. Spaciba.

8 Responses to “Onegin Recording now order-able (adorable)”

  1. Rafael

    Already did, Mrs. Hille!

  2. Garreth

    I can’t wait till I can drive to work singing along. 🙂

  3. David Marshall

    You were right, Ms. Hille, about ‘traditional’ opera fans loving Onegin – at least for us 2! Bravo! Still singing the tunes this AM.

  4. veda

    Ah, david, that makes me happy! Thank you.

  5. Julia

    Huzzah! Seeing the show twice is not enough – the cast recording will fit snugly on my iPod next to Hamilton and Hammerstein.

    Perhaps someday we will also get a recording of the Cantata – but we should not ask for so much ; )

  6. Anna

    I’m so excited about this! I saw the show twice and I’m just smitten with this musical! Can’t wait to listen to this CD and immerse myself in Onegin all over again!

  7. Sharon Quirke

    Hi Veda,
    I’m a fan. I was blown away by Onegin in the Spring. The magic of pulling in and featuring drama, music, dance, movement all interfacing and complementing each other was masterful. I’m an artist and a teacher and would love to volunteer to participate in set/backdrop production. If my painting style would suit one of your projects, let me know. I could work some evenings and weekends and all summer long.

  8. David V.

    Just got my CD! Worth the wait – such a great show and fantastic music! Thank you!

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