old and new

happy september all!  in the spirit of death and rebirth (or just finally getting round to things) i’m happy to say that Spine is now up on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0mrfrv3FKdkEDs4z28xen8 and other streamy situations.  next up will be Riot Life and Kildeer, and more after that.  i bow to the monsters of modern listening habits.

what else?  well, today i’m watching clips of the rocky horror picture show and getting verklempt at how freaking great it is.  this is in service to my winter master, the east van panto.  https://thecultch.com/events/east-van-panto-wizard-of-oz/i’m gonna be playing it this year, which will be ridiculous fun as usual.  maybe i’ll dye my hair all bright and wild, like the days of Spine (wild hair not pictured).

and then?  we’ve made a record of the songs from King Arthur’s Night, and there are rumours of epic Arthurian touring afoot.  http://neworldtheatre.com/portfolio-item/king-arthur/keep an eye out for that album early next year.

also next year:  Onegin gets a US premiere!  http://www.greaterbostonstage.org/onegin.htmlour friends at Greater Boston Stage Company are gonna raise a glass and sing and dance and shoot and laugh and cry.  and i will get to just sit in the audience with you all.  what a pleasure.

the rest of the time i’m sitting at home playing my piano and getting ready for a new solo touring show that i’m making with the help of Theatre Replacement. first kick at it goes up at the Shadbolt next April.  that may seem far away, but we need the time to make it good.  a Proper Show.  perhaps even supported with Proper Touring.  we shall see, hey?

Lover Hater Hater Lover

hello dears. happy first day of summer. i’m happy in the heat. and hey look, a beautiful new video for Lover Hater! made by allison hrabluik and aaron carpenter. i love it. i commissioned this video to mark the moment where i finally embraced streaming culture. you can now get Love Waves on spotify and all those other places. stream, Love Waves, stream.

and what else is up? a record! or two! first up is an album of the songs from the show King Arthur’s Night. you can watch a video about that project here. we’ll be cramming a choir and drummers and me and some goats into the studio this summer, so you can expect this extravaganza in early 2019 when the show is touring. and then i’ve been working on playing piano on my own a whole bunch lately; i figure it’s time for a solo piano/vocal album.

that’s kinda the rest of my year. writing, playing, planning. i hope you all have things lined up that give you a solid footing in the world. steady on, team.


another year done

hello my dears. i’m sitting in a living room lit only by a tree. i love ghosting around the christmas house in the dead of night.

it’s been a heckuva year, and i can’t say i’m sorry to see it go. i have some beautiful plans for 2018, starting with a holiday in Hawaii next week. keep an eye on instagram for some vacation boasting. i’ll be nice and tanned for the performances of King Arthur’s Night in Vancouver. this is an epic show, and i hope you can get yourself out for it. and then in february i’ll be in residence at cove park in Scotland, with my new friends at Cryptic UK. it’s high time i wrote something new, I can feel all kinds of weird impulses bubbling around.

and that just takes us to march! more things will happen, shall be revealed, etc. in the meantime i hope the year’s turn is good for you, with that little breath of excitement to propel you forward. i’m so excited to watch people surfing, i can hardly stand it.

again september

hello all,

september first, so reliable.  my favourite time of year;  summer waning, crisp air, biking through the good smelling world. even with the humans being so troubled these days, september comes around the way it does.  i lean into september.

i continue to hide out at home, writing things and making plans.  the work is out in the world though; the Toronto production of Onegin opens at the NAC this september and then the Arts Club production travels all over Western Canada starting in October.  Bakkhai has 6 shows left at Stratford.  Stay tuned for more news of King Arthur’s Night. I’m working on recordings of both Bakkhai and King Arthur for release next year.  oh theatre you keep me busy.

i also look forward to a bit of travelling and touring in the next while;  stay tuned for updates on my whereabouts. in the meantime i’ll see you on the bike routes.  or at a movie matinee. or just lying in giant piles of leaves.




sorry for quiet, peoples.  but sometimes quiet happens.  it’s been a long wet winter here, of keeping heads down and taking care of business. many theatre shows coming up! more recordings later this year!  for now, you can read a little thing i wrote: http://hilobrow.com/2017/04/01/talismanic-objects-1/

spring best,  xv

Songs From Onegin is here! And a tiny tour.


Look, another record! What are we, crazy? Yes. Crazy for records. You can now order the physical or digital copy of Songs From Onegin at the shop. And join us in Vancouver at the cd release party November 6th at the BMO Theatre. We’ll sing some songs and drink some vodka, and that’s a promise. Details on the shows page.

Also on the shows page is the tiniest tour! I will be hitting Saskatoon and Winnipeg in a few weeks to play some solo shows. In Winnipeg I’ll be joined by my old friend Christine Fellows. I’m looking forward to this most efficient and delightful escape.

And now I must return to my job of skewering pop songs for the East Van Panto. Yes there will be Bieber. And also Trooper.

september round again

plastic acid panorama

well folks, it looks like author Aislinn Hunter has become my official live photographer. this is her shot from the show last weekend with Plastic Acid Orchestra. it was a beautiful night. i hope we get to do it again someday.

as always in september, i am overwhelmed with beauty and emails. the way the world kicks into brisk decay never fails to inspire. and the way people get back into the office never ceases to terrify. here is what’s up in music for me: the craigslist musical (now called Missed Connections) is currently in a showcase run in New York. i am working on songs and choral arrangements for King Arthur (Neworld Theatre) which will premiere next year. I’m finishing up the final ridiculous touches on the East Van Panto’s Little Red Riding Hood. the Onegin record gets back from the printer in a few short days, and then there will be news of a release concert along with news of the stage show’s return. i have two other theatre shows that are in the works, as well as a new piece with beloved Bill Richardson. i got to play a show with my friend Harold Budd in august, and we are also making plans. i have a few shows in the middle of the canada in october, to be announced soon. and of course Love Waves continues to make its way in the world. my goodness.

in other, perhaps more important news, everything fall is upon us. i’ve happily jumped back into my pursuit of tossing off a great risotto. pies are on my mind. rice bowls are a staple at breakfast and dinner. the birds are at the feeder and i have a great pile of mending that i’m looking forward to. i got new tights and knee socks. i’ve promised to start lightly jogging, but we’ve heard that one before. here’s to clear air and bright leaves.


little wheel spin and spin

people, we have an extraordinary show coming up on september 10. the band and i will be performing with the Plastic Acid Orchestra at the Playhouse in Vancouver, conducted by the marvellous Giorgio Magnanensi. we’ll be reprising the Buffy Sainte Marie set, last performed in 2007, and the extended Emily Carr song cycle Here is a picture, last performed in 2011 in victoria. basically, live performance of this music is EXTREMELY RARE. i do hope you can come. i’m practicing like a fiend.

long list short nights

IMG_5116 here is a picture* from our grand record release in vancouver. look how hard everyone is singing! so hard! it was grand. and tour was fun too, hitting toronto and the east coast. next canadian tour is in october, and looks like i’ll be hitting the uk in december. usa in dribs and drabs in 2017. feel free to suggest venues of all types.

i’m chuffed that love waves has made the polaris long list, alongside some stellar company. my two list faves are destroyer’s Poison Season and US Girls Half Free. but i also like bieber and carly rae, and i have some catching up to do with the other records.

and now i am home for summer! working on the panto, and king arthur, and the onegin cast album. and rhubarb ice cream, and lovely summer meals that involve halloumi cheese, and cocktails, and water fights. all at once. here’s to it.

*i am not sure who took this picture. someone in the enthusiastic crowd. but where did i get it? i guess i pulled it off the internet? life is full of mystery.