Onegin_Veda Hille and Amiel Gladstone. Photo David Cooper._SMALL 30We’re in previews!  hoorah!  this beautiful photo is by david cooper.  and i can now announce that we are going to make a recording of Onegin.  we’ll be recording immediately after the run, and it will be done by labour day 2016.  An official pre-order situation will be up in the Shop soon, but if you want to order RIGHT NOW fire off an email to veda (at) vedahille (dot)com with the details of your order (# of records, name, address) and i’ll send you payment details.  $20/cd, plus postage.  lubov!

VH stuff n’ stuff

IMG_4639oh my friends. there is a lot of stuff. here we go:

our ny producers are working hard to get an off-Broadway run of the craigslist musical up and at them. donate here, or forward to your monied friends who love oddball theatre:

when i am not clowning around with my kid in photobooths i am working on the cello parts for onegin, which goes up in vancouver march 17. you can get your tickets now, which means good seats and good deals:

aaaand the new album! is called Love Waves! and it is done! it will be released in may. all those who bought it in advance will get it a little sooner than that. i will even be touring. whoa. more details to be trickled out into the relentless internet over the next few months. if you want me to come to your town, pitch me a venue or a promoter or your living room. all offers considered.

more info soonish as always. love, v

seasonal order

child_actor happy december one and all! we have embarked on our panto adventure once again. come see Hansel & Gretel: An East Van Panto at the york theatre sometime between now and january 3. i wear a fancy dress and i do my lips in a new way. and i have barry with me. we’ve been hitting things at the same time for 20 years now! popular demand (meaning that two people have asked) compels me to put our Panto Singalong lyrics up here for your perusal/personal use. this is it folks, the deathless poetry of pantomime. to the tune of Silver Bells.

Bing-ee bong-o
Sing-ee song-o
Blah blah blah
Woof woof woof
Gerbils love to eat walnuts at bedtime
I’m a goofball
When the snow falls
Alcatraz is the worst
And a muffin is good for a hat
Let’s all sing nonsense together
Soon we’ll get back to the play.

(photo of my son hiding from the director courtesy of Maiko Bae Yamamoto.)

do you want what i have got?

rehearsals for our little musical are going well. i had an actual chorus line kind of moment when we first sang in a line for our director and sm and producer. fun! and silly. did i tell you who is singing?  ford pier, patsy klein, sam newton, barry mirochnick.  brave souls.  for those new to this blog, the musical (titled as this post is titled) is based on craigslistings. book by bill richardson, music by me. here is a sneak preview, me singing into the minidisc while my son cries in the other room. attended by his father, of course.


and while we’re on the subject, joe wrote in recently and alerted me to the music of gabriel kahane in nyc. who has a song cycle called Craislistlieder. and many other fine musics besides. so there you go, we’re all thinking the same thoughts eventually.

the farming life

so friends, i am on my way back to the caravan farm today, to work for a week on a new leaky heaven circus project. i’m looking forward to a little cabin in the woods, lots of card playing, and of course some crazy theatre work. this also means that i’ll be on dial up for the week, and therefore moving slowly in this online world. when i get back i’ll post some pictures of our show last night. it was wild and my head is fuzzy this morning.

as for the life support system (see blogs below), there did end up being about 12 people who had to resend their “count me in” emails. so if you wrote to me and signed on, and didn’t get any response, please do try again. there are still a few packages left. i’ll try to check emails every coupla days this week. the best thing is that i now have enough money to make the record exactly as i’d like to. i’ve hired a wicked horn section, and a fantastic vibes/marimba player. and barry and justin have some schemes for timpani as well. it’s thrilling.

a note for folks in canada: the bonnie klein film “Shameless: The ART of Disability” that i wrote music for is airing on Bravo on may 13, 5pm PT and 8pm ET. it’s a marvellous film. you can also buy it on dvd from the NFB.

ok, enough info. i’m going to pack and drink my coffee. til next week i remain, faithfully yours xv (more…)


i dreamt last night that i wrote the most amazing post for you. i think i actually managed to attach some of the cinnamon heart cookies that i made for valentines or something, i woke up feeling quite proud of myself. so this will be just a hollow copy of the dreamworld cookie post.

on saturday night i went out with a team of pals to see final fantasy and buffy st. marie at The Centre in vancouver. (kinnie starr and jim byrnes were also on the bill, but alas i was in rehearsal and had to arrive late.) it was a stellar show. the organizers made an odd last minute decision, and had buffy play first and then owen (ff) followed. i think that musically speaking they should have stuck to their original guns. but nonetheless, both were stunning. buffy’s voice continues to be one of the most powerful on earth, and her presence and confidence were awe inspiring. i was completely carried away, particularly by “bury my heart at wounded knee”, despite the fact that her band’s playing was not to my taste. it didn’t matter. i am going to be singing some of buffy’s songs this spring with the cbc radio orchestra, and once again i feel lucky. and then owen pallett took the stage, a brave man after buffy’s two standing ovations. it was my first chance to see him play live, after loving the albums, and he played beautifully. and he’s covering one of my favorite john cale songs, that i was just getting ready to cover myself. that bastard. maybe we can sing it together sometime. in any case, once again seeing someone work brilliantly and musically with live loops (juana molina is the other loopmaster) i am convinced that i should stick with my band. i keep thinking that i should try that out, but after seeing owen i think i’ll leave it to him.

and then the pals all went out for gyoza and moonlight and witty conversation afterwards. the evening easily won the Best Saturday Night Of The Year award. thank god for good music and buckwheat vodka. (more…)

stupendous show at area

i am overdue for a shout out to my good friends matthew and rob, who have been generously hosting my stay in london. not only do they provide me with a quiet room, a great bed, and lots of entertaining conversation, but they also take me out for at least one fabulous night every time i blow through town. last night was no exception. after dropping in at the social and barcode (a sleek tres moderne bar in vauxhall that rob designed) we went to an incredible cabaret at area. definite shades of leigh bowery here folks. great acts from dickie beau, scottee, booby tuesday, and heidi licious. and to top off the evening, suppositori spelling performed a tribute to kiki durane (who was IN THE AUDIENCE!!!), the most knock down drag out version of total eclipse of the heart i’ve ever seen. and i’ve seen a few. if bonnie tyler had been present i think the world would have imploded. oh, it was so great. and now i am seized with the desire to make insane outfits out of cardboard, latex, and grease paint. ah well. two beautiful boys complimented me on My Look, which is currently Eccentric Canadian Wearing Caravan Farm Castoffs And New Campers. copy if you dare. (more…)

thunderstorms, lambs, and old old computers

a beautiful dark day here at the caravan farm, the first damp of the week. clouds rolling in over the hills, smatterings of heavy raindrops, we may be able to light the huge bonfire tonight finally. both the moon and the sun have been dark red from the forest fire smoke all week. there is a chickadee in the rehearsal hall, it seems to gravitate towards the piano. in my mind, at least. and yesterday we flushed a brown owl in the woods, playing snare drum. jamie was playing snare, not the owl.

a new and interesting project on the horizon: i will be performing buffy st. marie’s songs with the cbc radio orchestra next spring. giorgio magnanensi will be writing arrangements, should be a thrilling event. a live concert at the chan centre in vancouver, broadcast on cbc of course. and no, we will not be interpreting “up where we belong”.

nicky is making roast leg of lamb tonight, and we bought mint jelly at the farmer’s market. and here comes the real rain. (more…)

my september

so even though it appears, through my marvellously steady blogging, that i am at home crazyglued to the computator, i am actually on a farm in armstrong bc. the caravan farm. where they have clydesdales, outdoor showers, little cabins, and a bunch of theatre geeks. i’m there with my pals in theatre replacement working on a musical about ufos. called yufo! here’s a picture of maiko.

the show will go up in vancouver next march, and although it is not finished yet i can reveal that it will include theremins, smokey amps, and slow food.