Onegin_Veda Hille and Amiel Gladstone. Photo David Cooper._SMALL 30We’re in previews!  hoorah!  this beautiful photo is by david cooper.  and i can now announce that we are going to make a recording of Onegin.  we’ll be recording immediately after the run, and it will be done by labour day 2016.  An official pre-order situation will be up in the Shop soon, but if you want to order RIGHT NOW fire off an email to veda (at) vedahille (dot)com with the details of your order (# of records, name, address) and i’ll send you payment details.  $20/cd, plus postage.  lubov!

11 Responses to “ONEGIN RECORDING”

  1. Rafael

    Veda, I think my e-mail returned…

  2. veda

    oh, thanks raf. i’ll check it out; we’ve been having a few mail issues. xv

  3. Sean

    Yep my email also gave up after a couple of days and came home

  4. Sean

    Ps nice picture !

  5. Veda

    Ok, mail issue is fixed!

  6. Rafael

    Okay, pre-ordered on your site.


  7. Rafael

    P.S.: Veda, you need an instragram account. Even I (who am totally averse to social network) got one.

    I saw you tagged in some pics.

    You can submit pics and 15-sec videoclips of your music. 😉

  8. Rafael

    P.S.2: your only album available on the Brazil iTunes store is Women in (E)motion. Is that fixable? 🙂

  9. veda

    i am just joining forces with CD Baby, which should get my records on iTunes worldwide, in theory. and i am going to make a public instagram for the release of this album!

  10. Rafael

    Yay to all great things in the post above, all of them Veda related!

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