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my september

so even though it appears, through my marvellously steady blogging, that i am at home crazyglued to the computator, i am actually on a farm in armstrong bc. the caravan farm. where they have clydesdales, outdoor showers, little cabins, and a bunch of theatre geeks. i’m there with my pals in theatre replacement working on a musical about ufos. called yufo! here’s a picture of maiko.

the show will go up in vancouver next march, and although it is not finished yet i can reveal that it will include theremins, smokey amps, and slow food.

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Our Animal Friends

so, there is this excellent thing called Trampoline Hall. my pal misha glouberman is the host. it is a lecture series, in which people are requested to present a 12 minute lecture on a subject that they are not an expert in. that they are inexpert in? yes. in november 2005 i presented the lecture Our Animal Friends at the Slipper Room in NYC.

later in 2005 i was up in whitehorse, YT, working on a show called The Longest Night. we decided to present the lecture again, this time with the absolutely expert accompaniment of The Longest Night Ensemble. i particularly like the horsey sounds. Continue reading Our Animal Friends