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here we are, midsummer

hello my friends.  i’ve bustled the kid off to camp and i have to settle down and write some ridiculous panto today, but i thought i’d take a sec to catch you up.  this is a picture (by Matt Reznek) from our showing of Little Volcano last april.  you can read a bit more about it and watch the trailer here: . we plan to tour this piece all over starting next year, so perhaps i will come to your town for the first time in a while.  the accompanying solo album will be out next spring!

also on the projects page I added a few demo recordings from the Bakkhai, which was at Stratford in 2017.  I wrote some songs with Anne Carson’s words, a thrilling experience for me.  i’m just slowly getting my digital house in order.  today i had myself Verified on YouTube, so i believe i can now claim to be an official YouTuber.  my kid is finally proud of me.

Vancouver folks, i am playing two free sets next wednesday, august 7, as part of the Street Beats series.  i’ll be on at noon outside city hall (there will be food trucks!) and at 5:30 outside the art gallery (there will be traffic!).  we’re also gearing up for an exciting Vhine Und Szong in October at the cultch, as part of the Raven Transforming Cabaret Series.  other bits and bobs: we just wrote and recorded a couple of faux 80s hits for the video game Later Daters, i’ll let you know when that comes out.  ami and i are actually working on a new thing, slowly. and i’m heading to edinburgh in a few weeks to check out the festival for the first time, which is perfect because i need to restock some tablet: