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2019 here we go

hello all youse, happy january. the sun has come out this afternoon in vancouver town, and i’m here pecking away at my outdated computer trying to tell you things. here goes:

King Arthur’s Night (the album) comes out on February 22! We have an album release concert at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre on February 24, tickets are here:

And then we take that whole theatre show on the road to Hong Kong in march, holy toledo. I’ve update the tour page to make that official. There are also solo shows in Vancouver and Burnaby, plus the US premiere of Onegin at

The solo show is the beginning of an exciting thing that i’m working on with good old friends Maiko and James at Theatre Replacement. Together we’re making a salon style performance where I tell stories and play songs and build some kind of theatrical magic thing together with the people in the audience. I’m into it, it feels risky, and I hope it’ll hit the road in 2020 along with a new solo album. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe i should get off the computer and get back on the piano keyboard, hey? Till soon, pals.

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  1. As usual, Veda is kicking arse and taking names!

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