love you like a lion


oh my friends, i’m looking forward to these shows. Vancouver, Toronto, and a handful of East Coastness. I’ll have another round of touring in October, and more after that. the band is sounding super great. and in an effort to become more modern and unconcerned about privacy, you can now follow me on instagram. @loveyoulikealion if you want to see pictures like the one above, plus photos of lost objects, goofy friends, and plastic owls. instagram might be the corner of the net that i linger in the most these days. a picture worth a lot of words, etc.

Love Waves at last

veda hille back web May 15 2016 is the “street date” for this long laboured album. Street date means available here, pretty much. And if you run into me on the street. Which could happen! I’ve updated the shows page, a short tour of toronto and eastern canada in june. More shows coming in the fall. Those who ordered Love Waves in advance (some of you three years ago, my goodness) will be receiving your album with a special addition soon. I’m so happy to have these songs out in the world at last.

VH stuff n’ stuff

IMG_4639oh my friends. there is a lot of stuff. here we go:

our ny producers are working hard to get an off-Broadway run of the craigslist musical up and at them. donate here, or forward to your monied friends who love oddball theatre:

when i am not clowning around with my kid in photobooths i am working on the cello parts for onegin, which goes up in vancouver march 17. you can get your tickets now, which means good seats and good deals:

aaaand the new album! is called Love Waves! and it is done! it will be released in may. all those who bought it in advance will get it a little sooner than that. i will even be touring. whoa. more details to be trickled out into the relentless internet over the next few months. if you want me to come to your town, pitch me a venue or a promoter or your living room. all offers considered.

more info soonish as always. love, v

sad seahorse

hello all! it is i, the reluctant blogger. instead of posting here, i have been: working on my record. working on Onegin. working on King Arthur. working on the East Van Panto. keeping my family alive. working with Bill Richardson. going to aquafit. and writing a song for a preserved seahorse.

ps two more VHINE UND SZONG coming up: october 25 with guest Don McGlashan and november 15 with Mystery Guest To Be Revealed Soon.

Northern Home Tour readysteadygo

TerraceLittleTheatre1964-65  19 - Version 2 Hello Northerners! I have posted the dates and cities of the upcoming Northern BC/AB tour on the shows page. I leave in one week. Please clear the roads and alert the moose that an inexperienced city girl is heading up. I’m very excited to see a bunch of places that i have never seen before, including Terrace, pictured here. That’s my grandparents Tess and Paul in their mountaineering club in 1964. I’ll bring my boots and hopefully get a hike in.

home and dizzy

hello vancouver! the jetlag has lingered and left, and i am at last able to address you coherently. we are home. we miss berlin. we love our little house. i have at last updated the shows page. look so many shows! and that just takes us up to the end of 2013; there are more in 2014, and some of them are outside of vancouver. more on that soon.

there is also a Secret Show. if you would like to come to an invite-only workshop presentation of a new musical on november 4 or 5, send me a message at veda at vedahille dot com.

what else? i wrote a new album of songs in berlin. i will start making that record this winter. as for the other records, i am updating the store so you will be able to buy them soon. i am reading per petterson, and i am happy to be cooking autumn food. i hope you are all well.

Berlin Report

20130902-173420.jpg Hello peoples. Here is a general ill-ordered list of where things are at with me.
1. Unbelievably, it is possible to grow tired of buffalo mozzarella.
2. The Berlin aquarium is 100 years pretty great.
3. The autumn kicked in promptly on September 1st.
4. I played a really fun show at Schokoladen last week.
5. I’m also playing in Dresden on September 28 at Jazztonne. Check out the shows page.
6. This is a picture of my workspace. It’s insane, but it appears I am still interested in writing songs.

PS turns out I am not competent enough to update the shows page from this continent. So. I am playing in Dresden on sept 28, and there are a bunch of Vancouver shows in oct thru December that I will add when able.

i fed a blackbird from my hand

that was a good morning. rabbits in the brambles too. for a while i didn’t think about the DEVASTATING ARTS CUTS. whoops. think about ducks, think about ducks.

the theatre replacement greatest cities show is looking good. opens at the cultch in vancouver on march 9, and goes on to play in montreal, ottawa, kitchener, and at the shadbolt in burnaby over the next few months. really intricate weird borrowed language, collected in tennessee by the actors and director. i love it.

all the things i’m working on right now are lucky things. meaning, i feel lucky. greatest cities, leaky heaven and neworld theatre’s peter panties, plus an expanded craigslist cantata with my pals bill richardson and ami gladstone. and this weekend, the oscars! have i mentioned that i love the oscars? i make up a new cocktail every year. this year is Fantastic Mr. Vodka. when i have the ingredients worked out i’ll let you know.

cbc concert

the raccoon i married
this is what my husband likes to do after work: imagine himself as a happy forest creature.

in other news: our dec 12 concert at the vancouver east cultural centre is ready to listen to at cbc online. some songs with the old quartet, some songs with the current 9 piece extravaganza. some clapping. you know the type of thing.

what else has been going on? i just finished a little piece for the standing wave ensemble, a 2 minute remembrance of parks from my childhood. that will premiere on may 10 in vancouver. i’m working on music for the new theatre replacement show Greatest Cities in the World, opening march 9 in vancouver and travelling to montreal, ottawa, and kitchener. i have to start collecting complaints for a song for the vancouver complaints choir: send them in! and we’re still working on the new fits record, aiming to get that out for the summer time. and peter panties carries on, new songs coming without my even asking for them. ok, i think i need a nap.