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again september

hello all,

september first, so reliable.  my favourite time of year;  summer waning, crisp air, biking through the good smelling world. even with the humans being so troubled these days, september comes around the way it does.  i lean into september.

i continue to hide out at home, writing things and making plans.  the work is out in the world though; the Toronto production of Onegin opens at the NAC this september and then the Arts Club production travels all over Western Canada starting in October.  Bakkhai has 6 shows left at Stratford.  Stay tuned for more news of King Arthur’s Night. I’m working on recordings of both Bakkhai and King Arthur for release next year.  oh theatre you keep me busy.

i also look forward to a bit of travelling and touring in the next while;  stay tuned for updates on my whereabouts. in the meantime i’ll see you on the bike routes.  or at a movie matinee. or just lying in giant piles of leaves.



3 thoughts on “again september

  1. Yay on the new work!

    Any chance you will be in Germany?


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