IMG_5116 here is a picture* from our grand record release in vancouver. look how hard everyone is singing! so hard! it was grand. and tour was fun too, hitting toronto and the east coast. next canadian tour is in october, and looks like i’ll be hitting the uk in december. usa in dribs and drabs in 2017. feel free to suggest venues of all types.

i’m chuffed that love waves has made the polaris long list, alongside some stellar company. my two list faves are destroyer’s Poison Season and US Girls Half Free. but i also like bieber and carly rae, and i have some catching up to do with the other records.

and now i am home for summer! working on the panto, and king arthur, and the onegin cast album. and rhubarb ice cream, and lovely summer meals that involve halloumi cheese, and cocktails, and water fights. all at once. here’s to it.

*i am not sure who took this picture. someone in the enthusiastic crowd. but where did i get it? i guess i pulled it off the internet? life is full of mystery.

2 Responses to “long list short nights”

  1. Rafael

    Bibier is the man!

  2. veda

    turns out the amazing Aislinn Hunter took this picture! i bow down in forgetfulness.

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