child_actor happy december one and all! we have embarked on our panto adventure once again. come see Hansel & Gretel: An East Van Panto at the york theatre sometime between now and january 3. i wear a fancy dress and i do my lips in a new way. and i have barry with me. we’ve been hitting things at the same time for 20 years now! popular demand (meaning that two people have asked) compels me to put our Panto Singalong lyrics up here for your perusal/personal use. this is it folks, the deathless poetry of pantomime. to the tune of Silver Bells.

Bing-ee bong-o
Sing-ee song-o
Blah blah blah
Woof woof woof
Gerbils love to eat walnuts at bedtime
I’m a goofball
When the snow falls
Alcatraz is the worst
And a muffin is good for a hat
Let’s all sing nonsense together
Soon we’ll get back to the play.

(photo of my son hiding from the director courtesy of Maiko Bae Yamamoto.)

3 Responses to “seasonal order”

  1. Rafael

    And, by popular demand, share some pieces!

    Veda rules!


  2. Seán

    Nice Pic 🙂

  3. Rafael

    Happy New Year, Veda and fellow veda-o-philes!

    Listening to Co’dine right now.

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