onegin howdy all. look, it’s our romantic russian musical! going up march 17 next year, but you could buy tickets now if you’re a keener: arts club theatre. i’m just plowing through the score, and getting ready for our next workshop. there’s a showing on monday june 15 at the arts club revue stage if you’d like to see it in process. also in process: i have a small solo show on june 21 to talk about What I’ve Accomplished as artist-in-residence at the arts club. new songs! muddled stories! bits and bobs! more details on that coming soon. and what else? the album is coming along very nicely, if slowly. the panto machine is rolling into action: Hansel and Gretel next december. expect some Kraftwerk influence. and i am embarking on a quest with NeWorld Theatre and the great Niall McNeil: at last i get to dive into the King Arthur legend with a bunch of awesome knights. i feel like this post is devolving into code. time for clarity and lunch.

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  1. Rafael

    Mrs. Hille is always brainstorming! Wish some of these goodies were available to your overseas fans!


  2. Betty McGowan

    Saw the production today (March 19th) – you’ve got a hit on your hands, my dear!

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