we’re doing our little cultch wine bar dealie again on April 19. my special guest is the smart and lovely Aislinn Hunter, author of The World Before Us. plan to hear us kibbitz and trade stories/songs, and drink wine. it will be fun again! before that i’m off on ANOTHER HOLIDAY. can you believe it??? who do i think i am? i am someone who is heading to nyc to see some shows, eat some food, and go visit the museum of natural history. after that it will be nothing but knuckling down for the rest of the year, i assure you. yeesh. get off my back already.

2 Responses to “Another VHINE UND SZONG.”

  1. Gail S

    Sob – tickets sold out before I learned of the show. How can I get on an early notification list? Love your shows!! Bon voyage a la NYC

  2. veda

    gail! sorry, i only just saw your message. sign up for the cultch mailing list at thecultch.com. the thing seems to sell out within 24 hours of announcement. which includes the june 7 edition. next one in september! apologies for fullness.

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