Look, another record! What are we, crazy? Yes. Crazy for records. You can now order the physical or digital copy of Songs From Onegin at the shop. And join us in Vancouver at the cd release party November 6th at the BMO Theatre. We’ll sing some songs and drink some vodka, and that’s a promise. Details on the shows page.

Also on the shows page is the tiniest tour! I will be hitting Saskatoon and Winnipeg in a few weeks to play some solo shows. In Winnipeg I’ll be joined by my old friend Christine Fellows. I’m looking forward to this most efficient and delightful escape.

And now I must return to my job of skewering pop songs for the East Van Panto. Yes there will be Bieber. And also Trooper.

9 Responses to “Songs From Onegin is here! And a tiny tour.”

  1. Rafael

    Veda, I figured it out over a decade ago, but your plan to conquer the world and slave us all is quite obvious at this point!
    Onegin RULES! What a great year to be a Veda fan!

  2. Rachima Stewart

    HI Veda .. what a great birthday present … I still love love love Onegin… I did my first half marathon on the weekend and listened to it … 2 and a half times !!! Love to you ….. Rachima

  3. Mike K.

    Ms. Hille,

    First of all, I’d like to say that the show is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I listen to the CD at work on a loop and my wife and I listen to it when we drive.

    The understanding of Russian culture and literature in the libretto and in the music…let alone of the poem itself…in short, this is brilliant stuff–thank you for that. 🙂

    Quick question: Are the song lyrics available anywhere? I’ve been wondering about a couple lines in “Queen of Tonight” (which I love, love, love to bits) and a couple of other things here and there.

    At any rate, thank you so much for the wonderful music. My wife and I are looking forward to the new season on Granville Island.


    — MK

  4. Mike K.

    Whoops. My thanks in Russian weren’t rendered right. My bad. 😛

  5. veda

    hello mike! i’m so glad the music is working for you. and that the Russian elements seem right as well. we don’t have the lyrics readily available, but if you write directly to me through the contact page on this site i can answer questions. i’m sure the libretto will be published eventually, but that may be a little bit away. and i’m sorry i don’t have cyrillic available on this site! spaciba. xv

  6. astrida

    slain by Onegin.
    luckily i’ve enthused to the right people about what you do with the people you do it with – a friend treated me last night.
    thank you!

  7. Suchiththa

    After listening to the Album on Soundcloud no less than 5 times, I decided to go see the show in Toronto and figure out how this absolutely amazing score worked. Came home and bought the album immediately. Met Amiel at the show, and told him how much I loved it, but also, just wanted to say that this is just awesome. Would love to buy the sheet for some of the songs, would make for great Cabaret nights! I might have to transcribe in the meanwhile 😀

  8. veda

    suchiththa! glad the score is working for you so well. i could send you a song or two, get in touch through the contact page on this site. xv

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