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what a night

oh my friends, what a thoroughly wonderful time I had last night, livestreaming to you from the dear old .  I knew it could be good, from watching dan mangan in action on his own shows, but i was unprepared for the actual feelings of togetherness.  thanks to all who came out, and of course huge thanks to the cultch (and lukas who set up the lights) and to side door and dan who wrangled the sound and hosted and chatted with you all.  I was able to read the chat transcript today, so it was my time to get teary.  I have written down all your requests for next time, including some Onegin, Here is a picture, Tuktoyaktuk Hymn, and more.  A May concert will be announced soon, an all request hour as promised.

here is the setlist from last night, along with the albums those songs are on:

Song of the Little Wind (Brecht/Eisler), from the album Field Study

Teenage Wildlife (Bowie), from the album Love Waves

Burst (Hille), from the album Love Waves

Lucklucky (Hille), from the album This Riot Life

Clumbsy (Hille), from the album You Do Not Live In This World Alone

What makes you think you’re the one? (Fleetwood Mac), unrecorded (by me.  it’s on Tusk, of course)

Time (Hille/Auden), unrecorded

Hut Life, Bitches (Hille/Scottish trad), unrecorded

Ace of the Nazarene (Hille), from the album This Riot Life

A knife (Hille), unrecorded, but i did a little live version on instagram last week if you wanna search it up

Free Radical (Hille), unrecorded, also might be called Specimen.  still deciding

26 Years (Hille), from the album Spine

By This River (Eno), from the album Love Waves

Bedlam (Hille), from the album Return of the Kildeer (and also live on Auditorium)


thank you all so much.  for reals, forever.  xv



photo by amiel gladstone

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