2014foxhello people, goodbye 2014!  i have been delightfully in panto captivity for the last 2 months, heading into our last show in a few hours.  and then all the next.  what’s up for 2015, you ask?  well.  i am going to be the Arts Club Theatre Artist-in-Residence.  what does that mean, you ask?  it means a whole heck of a lot more theatre coming out of hille, that’s what.  essentially, 2015 looks to be  year of writing musicals and recording an album, slowly but surely.  those lovely patrons who have ordered the album in advance will be getting a Special Progress Report in the next week, with a Tide-You-Over attachment.  in the near future is the push festival, which i have helped to curate. you can find me most nights at Club Push, either in the audience or occasionally on stage. we will also be continuing the new tiny series VHINE UND SZONG at the cultch wine bar, details coming soon for the next show. alright, now i must ready myself for a final turn of being The Orchestra for the east van panto. i will miss singing beyonce and sia songs, for sure. happy new year all!

2 Responses to “year end”

  1. Rafael

    Meanwhile, Veda rulezzzz!
    Happy 2015, and much success!

  2. sean

    Happy New Year Veda and everyone!

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