hello hello! us west coast naifs are kind of hoping for the exciting tail of hannah this evening. we have jack o lanterns at the ready. i have been working in my tempestuous garret for the last month, pencilling away at Onegin. Vancouver can come see the first complete sing through at the Revue theatre on Granville Island this sunday, the 2nd. and hey, niceness, we just won a prize! Onegin has been awarded the Stage West Pechet Family Musical Award. thank you to the playwrights guild of canada and the arts club theatre and all the actors and musicians who have been helping us make this thing.


A few other Vancouver things coming up:  i’m starting a new series at the Cultch in the wine bar, called VHINE UND SZONG.  just songs, while you drink wine.  how bad could it be?  and even less badness, david newberry is going to join me on november 5th for the first one.  and then on november 14, Aislinn Hunter and i will have a talky singy thing at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, discussing museums and taxidermy and what have you.  there will be wine at that one too.  so civilized.


alright, i must get back to constructing a musical, an album, and a mummy costume.  batten down those hatches, people.

4 Responses to “Reporting before Hurricane Hannah takes us”

  1. veda

    ok, that was a very disappointing hurricane. but the mummy costume is almost done.

  2. Rafael

    Veda, you are hilarious!

  3. Rafael

    Guess the hurricane wasn’t that mild.
    Where’s Veda?

  4. veda

    thanks for the nudge, raf. see new post!

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