I will be playing a little tiny show at my friend Tim’s space Zwischenetage on September 27. Tim will play too! We will play together! Probably at 8! The address is Weiserstr 7. New songs, lookout. UPDATE: NOT WEISERSTR (which doesn’t even exist) BUT WISSMANNSTR 7. Ring the doorbell with the zigzaggy red A on it, and come to the back house. ALSO NOT AT 8, AT 7. God, so much misinformation.

6 Responses to “Another berlin show”

  1. Rafael

    And, while we are at it (Veda and the Complaint Choir as of the 21:00 minute mark):


  2. Steffen

    … and we’re looking forward to your solo concert at Jazzclub Tonne in Dresden on September 28! For everyone who’s around: doors at 8, concert at 9.

  3. hg

    … and it was a really great concert!

  4. Sean

    Do tell us more Hg 🙂

  5. Rafael

    No surprise. This is Veda. Period.

    Any footage? I hope we get to hear some of her new songs…!

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