20130902-173420.jpg Hello peoples. Here is a general ill-ordered list of where things are at with me.
1. Unbelievably, it is possible to grow tired of buffalo mozzarella.
2. The Berlin aquarium is 100 years pretty great.
3. The autumn kicked in promptly on September 1st.
4. I played a really fun show at Schokoladen last week.
5. I’m also playing in Dresden on September 28 at Jazztonne. Check out the shows page.
6. This is a picture of my workspace. It’s insane, but it appears I am still interested in writing songs.

PS turns out I am not competent enough to update the shows page from this continent. So. I am playing in Dresden on sept 28, and there are a bunch of Vancouver shows in oct thru December that I will add when able.

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  1. Rafael

    Yay to Veda!

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