Little Volcano (Vinyl)

Released 2020

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Vinyl copy of Little Volcano by Veda Hille, released in 2020

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About This Album

In February 2018 I went to a composer’s residency in Scotland, a place called Cove Park about an hour out of Glasgow. There was a hut with grass on the roof and a little upright piano by the window overlooking Loch Long. It snowed a lot, it was very cold. I huddled up on the couch and watched the weather come in over the hills. You had to keep an eye out for the Highland cattle, they could get a little pushy.

I was there to write music, and also to try to be myself again after illness. At the last minute I picked up a copy of Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier, to get my hands working, and it seemed useful for the rest of me too. Preludes and fugues every day, relearning songs written years ago, walking in sheep fields, and collecting sea glass from the rocky beach. The other people making sounds and music were pretty great, and we hung out. I slept long hours and wrote a little handful of tunes. At the end of it all I thought I might write a book, but that was terrifying. So I went home and made a show instead, with my old friends Jamie and Maiko. Little Volcano. Here are the songs for you, plus some Bach practice and the Sounds Of Scotland. Perhaps this small natural disaster is useful.

Veda Hille July 2020


  1. Prelude in Fm
  2. Miracles
  3. Carnage Instructions
  4. Prelude in Em Plants
  5. Trophy
  6. Lover Hater
  7. Prelude in Cm
  8. Charismatic M.F.
  9. This Spring/Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most
  10. The Trees
  11. Noah’s Ark
  12. Where am I from?
  13. Roam
  14. Prelude in D
  15. Titanic