King Arthur’s Night (Vinyl)

Released 2019

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Vinyl copy of King Arthur’s Night by Veda Hille, released in 2019

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About This Album

Songs from the Neworld Theatre show of the same name, written by Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef with music by Veda. Recorded with the show’s band and cast plus the choir Cor Flammae. Black vinyl.


  1. Lay Down
  2. Invocation
  3. Small Time
  4. Early One Morning
  5. Goat Baby
  6. Saxon Song
  7. Tsk Tsk
  8. 5 Humps
  9. Camelot
  10. 7 Things About Guinevere
  11. Prayer
  12. This Is A Lot To See
  13. Diablo
  14. Summer Winter Fall
  15. War Song
  16. Hanging Song
  17. Everytime