Return Of The Kildeer by Veda Hille (CD)

Released 2005

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CD copy of Return Of The Kildeer by Veda Hille, released in 2005

About This Album

Songs about conception, car accidents, marriage, murder, and rest. Recorded with the band and strings and many voices.

Magical, intensely moving music…A gently wondrous record, alive with little miracles.
The Guardian


  1. A Fine Start
  2. Queen Of The May
  3. Bedlam!
  4. My Disappointment
  5. Where Am I From?
  6. Red Flowers
  7. Liza Jane
  8. Every Morning
  9. The Cats
  10. Bad Heart
  11. Planck’s Length
  12. Honolulu Reverie
  13. Frank Mills
  14. A Little Pleasure
  15. Coerce
  16. White Flowers
  17. Oh, The Endless Fog!
  18. Goodnight Kildeer