Field Study by Veda Hille (CD)

Released 2000

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CD copy of Field Study by Veda Hille, released in 2000

About This Album

Songs about science and nature and the north of Canada. Veda all on her own playing pianos and singing.

Simple, powerful, and deeply evocative, Field Study ranges from the whimsical to the haunting, echoing everyone from Joni Mitchell to Keith Jarrett while still managing to be wholly, distinctly Veda Hille.

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  1. Carnage
  2. Plants
  3. Teem
  4. Birdsong
  5. Evolver
  6. Carnage Reprise
  7. Bloom
  8. Yukon Ho!
  9. One Inch Of Lichen
  10. Tuktoyaktuk Hymn
  11. Observations: Plants
  12. Observations: Water
  13. Arctic Adaptations
  14. Conclusion: Darkness
  15. Conclusion: Light
  16. Song Of The Little Wind