Peter Panties by Veda Hille (Digital)

Released 2013

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Digital copy of Peter Panties by Veda Hille, released in 2013

About This Album

Songs from the infamous Neworld/Leaky Heaven show of the same name. Recorded with Veda and young rockers The Bank Dogs plus a cast of dozens. White vinyl.

…a bigger smash than the Rocky Horror Picture Show…the Shangri-Las singing Bertolt Brecht. Fabulous. 4 stars.
Toronto Star


  1. Tiny Neverland
  2. Oh My God
  3. Wendy Darling
  4. Mister Darling/Macbeth
  5. Studio Blues
  6. How Many Planks?
  7. Yo Ho
  8. Beautiful Mother
  9. Mermaid Girl Fight
  10. All For Her
  11. Tiger Lady Lily
  12. Queen Of Surrey
  13. Punch A Heart
  14. Who Are You, Tinkerbell?
  15. Wendy’s Death Song
  16. I Love You So Love Me
  17. I Walk In The Garden
  18. The End Of Peter Panties
  19. Dirty Song (Bonus Track)