do you want what i have got? songs from a craigslist cantata (Digital)

Released 2021

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Digital copy of do you want what i have got? songs from a craigslist cantata, released in 2021

About This Album

A musical based on real Craigslist ads, recorded live at the Cultch in Vancouver, November 2020.


  1. Bus Boyfriend
  2. You Dropped Your Bible And I Saw Your Thong
  3. Decapitated Dolls
  4. Clown On Stilts
  5. Cat Hats
  6. 300 Stuffed Penguins
  7. Salsa Want
  8. Roommate
  9. Night Time Watcher
  10. Noodles
  11. Did Someone See Me Today?
  12. Hi My Lady
  13. A Chili Eating Buddy
  14. Do You Waltz What I Have Got?
  15. Missed Connections


Written by Veda Hille, Bill Richardson, and Amiel Gladstone

Voices: Meaghan Chenosky, Josh Epstein, Chirag Naik, Amanda Sum, Andrew Wheeler
Piano: Veda Hille
Drums and Guitar: Barry Mirochnick
Saw and Trumpet: Meaghan Chenosky
Trombone: Andrew Wheeler
“Flute”: Amanda Sum
Body Percussion: Josh Epstein

Engineered by Kyra Soko, assisted by Chris Engleman
Mixed by David Carswell
Mastered by Stuart McKillop

Additional Live Show Credits
Director: Amiel Gladstone
Music Director: Veda Hille
Choreographer: Amanda Testini
Stage Manager: Kelly Barker
Design Consultant: John Webber
Videographer: Cameron Anderson
Technical Director: Cody Biles
Electrician: Kaden O’Reilly

The cover photo is a still from the livestream
Graphic design by Brian Morgan

Big thanks to everyone at the Cultch
And to all the great singers and actors who have sung these songs over the years

Earlier incarnations and development of this show were made possible thanks to the good people at Theatre Replacement, Theatre Conspiracy, PuSh Festival, Arts Club Theatre Company, and Musical Stage Company.