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october twennytwenny

It’s getting colder.  The mothapocalypse has infiltrated my sweater drawer (did that happen in other places?  we had clouds of moths here, a plague of moths, a richness of moths).  we’ve been seeing friends outdoors sometimes,  but as of today i’m in a soft lockdown to get ready for the shows later in october.  excited for shows! you can check the performance page to see if there’s anything that suits you. lots of online options for faraway people, and close people too.  the Little Volcano album will be released on October 22, on vinyl and download.  i think that’s it for now, i’m quiet in the new weather.  quietly tinkering away in my song shop.

enjoy the season of pie and soup, my friends.

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shows shows shows

hallo hallo friends.  i hope you are doing alright in the new times.  i often feel melancholy and confused, but thanks to our dear friends at and my compulsive neverending drive i do have some stuff to do this fall.  three shows in fact!  check them out on the page.  all live online, and hopefully some with live audience as well, depending on where we’re at in the covid cycle.  First off in October there’s Little Volcano, the solo show i made with Maiko and Jamie at This will also be the release date of the Little Volcano solo album, on vinyl and download.  And then Amiel Gladstone had the bright idea of getting the Craigslist Cantata going again, in these times where we just want to connect with humans and do that laugh/cry thing. Super excited to play those songs again in November.  Of course in December the geniuses at Theatre Replacement have figured out a Panto Solution, for all your Panto needs.  Panto Come Home! will be online and fingers crossed a little bit live (for 50 people per night).  A best-of, a revisit, a whole bunch of panto songs from the last 7 years, plus new kinds of funny and dumb.  What we do best.

I will also do a few more online solo concerts through Side Door, to be announced in September.  I do hope some of this is useful for you, and that i might see your face swing by on the zoom universe.  I miss you too.

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