sad seahorse

hello all! it is i, the reluctant blogger. instead of posting here, i have been: working on my record. working on Onegin. working on King Arthur. working on the East Van Panto. keeping my family alive. working with Bill Richardson. going to aquafit. and writing a song for a preserved seahorse.

ps two more VHINE UND SZONG coming up: october 25 with guest Don McGlashan and november 15 with Mystery Guest To Be Revealed Soon.

Folk Fest Memory Project

happy folk fest weekend vancouverites!  remember that thing we did last year, where i wrote songs based on people’s festival memories and then performed them live with a band and choir?  well, we recorded it.  and you can get it right here. thanks to our grand team of singers players and engineers. see you at the beach!

ps last night i dreamed about a Specialty Rittersport: Lobster and Gold. i think this bodes well for the upcoming berlin time.

cbc concert

the raccoon i married
this is what my husband likes to do after work: imagine himself as a happy forest creature.

in other news: our dec 12 concert at the vancouver east cultural centre is ready to listen to at cbc online. some songs with the old quartet, some songs with the current 9 piece extravaganza. some clapping. you know the type of thing.

what else has been going on? i just finished a little piece for the standing wave ensemble, a 2 minute remembrance of parks from my childhood. that will premiere on may 10 in vancouver. i’m working on music for the new theatre replacement show Greatest Cities in the World, opening march 9 in vancouver and travelling to montreal, ottawa, and kitchener. i have to start collecting complaints for a song for the vancouver complaints choir: send them in! and we’re still working on the new fits record, aiming to get that out for the summer time. and peter panties carries on, new songs coming without my even asking for them. ok, i think i need a nap.

christmas gift for you

hey team. here begins my little series of presents for you. there’ll be a free song up every day or so until christmas. kind of like a stunted advent calendar!

false advertising

ok, so i guess it is not Nostalgia Month. that was last week. last week i was all about Nostalgia, this week i am all about The Now. maybe next week is The Future, but more likely The Crash And Burn.

so in the spirit of the now, here are some Fresh Songs that i sold at the Red Square Christmas Bazaar last saturday. basically, people gave me donations, i asked them a few questions, and then i played them their song. on some casios and a metronome. it was really fun, and brings me to wonder why i spend so darn much time on composition. so here you go, happy Now to you all. (more…)

stumbling along

this is one of my favorite photos. matthew alexander henson was a member of the peary expedition, and may have been the actual discoverer of the north pole. and just look at that face. where the heck is he, a cave made of cotton whisps?

at the lamplighter on monday there was a band called no gold that i really liked. nice to see the kids kicking it up to the old talking heads style african pop.

site stuff appears to be getting better, thanks to weston’s work. he thinks he’s figured out the ordering problem, which is always hard with intermittent problems but i think we’re back on track. and the other problems were just my failings in the language of html. i always try to put punctuation where there should be no punctuation. anyway, to celebrate figuring that out, here’s a demo version of cowper’s folly. the album version has worked out well, but i continue to have a fondness for this demo. particularly the way we made larissa and patsy (the other singers) sound like tiny little compressed birds. from another century. (more…)

cleaning out my closet

so, yesterday i spent a happy saturday going through the archives, otherwise known as cleaning the office. and i found all these old pictures, and a bunch of recordings. so i hereby declare this december to be Nostalgia Month here at hille inc. or Retro Days. or How Did I Get All These Lines On My Face?. Are They “Character” Or Just “Age”? How Come I Didn’t Know I Was So Cute? I Look Like My Niece. anyway, i digress. i think i’ll do a whole page of old promo shots. there’s something particularly odd and touching about the ways one presents oneself to the media. i’ll get that done in a few days.

in the meanwhile, this is a photo of the band circa 1997. barry, me, ford, martin. the classic hille combo, before everyone went salt and pepper. deborah dunn took this picture. and i have about 200 copies of it, because this was back in the days when you had to make hard copies of your photos. i have so many promo shots from the 90s! in fact, anyone who wants one can have one with their order for the next while. if you have any interest, just let me know.

and music! this is a little song that never finished itself, or maybe it was just fine the way it is. this is called “in the end”, and is from a demo for kildeer. from back in 2002, i think i made it at the end of the auditorium shows. a little happy/sad brecht rip off. more to come, i just have to keep sorting things out. happy Nostalgia Month! (more…)

last of silver

alright, we have truly reached the end of the little ep. this is one of my favorite tracks from silver, and so i have saved it as the last download. i hope you enjoy it, and raise a glass in my general direction. i’ll be raising one right back. (more…)

the polar bear waits by the ice

well friends, we’ve made it back from the frozen north, and the buds are on the trees here at home. here comes spring!

the podcast of me talking about songs on kildeer is up now on the ape site, head over here to listen. and also in apely news, kildeer and the whole ape catalogue will be released in the USA on april 7th. this is exciting, as i haven’t had a release in the states since the last millenium.

and here is one of the three remaining songs from silver. this is a silly version of instructions, tailor made for the vancouver folk music festival. i’ve noticed a steady trend towards ridiculousness as i get older. and speaking of which, i have to run to rehearsal now, to put on my polar bear head and sings songs about the winter olympics. (more…)