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sandbox glitch

hey gang

as a few of you have kindly pointed out, we have a little glitch on the site. we just changed servers, and it seems that now when you try to order a cd you just get sent to a test area of paypal, called the paypal sandbox. which isn’t as much fun as it sounds. we’re getting that fixed up for you, but in the meantime if you’d like to make an order you can send the appropriate amount of money to and then send an email to the same address giving us your mailing coordinates and record choices. i wondered why the orders had suddenly stopped flowing in. sorry for the confusion.

and also to reassure, i just sent out 2 weeks worth of orders last wednesday. i have been quite swamped, and as a result i am going to hand over the mailing tasks to my most capable friend melissa. she can take care of it while i am on tour as well, which will help get rid of these pesky delays. i hope the personal service has been worth the quirks.

thanks all! xv Continue reading sandbox glitch

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we were live

hallo friends

so this slightly unexpected thing happened yesterday, here in toronto. we played live on the internet! i didn’t realize that “live” really meant “live”, so i gave no warning. but you can still go see it at zunior. it’s very casual, and for a big chunk of it i’m on the phone with justin, blowing his mind and waving to him on the Internet. we basically rehearse for our show tonight, live in front of the possible world.

and for all those asking, i will be putting up the new album for sale on this site later this week. i just need a few free hours. also, a warning: we’re raising our prices. some new postal hikes are in place, and i have to reflect them. c’est la vie mes petits choux. Continue reading we were live