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neil remix

so, yesterday i had the thrill and the honour of performing once again with the cbc radio orchestra. we premiered a set of 6 neil young songs with arrangements by giorgio magnanensi, as well as an additional song by buffy sainte marie and leonard cohen. it was a crazy few days of lead up, with scant rehearsal time, but as usual the orchestra and their fearless conductor alain trudel delivered beautifully on stage. giorgio’s arrangements are wonderful and overwhelming. it will be broadcast on cbc radio and online, but probably not for about a month. mixing these things take time. as soon as i know the details i will publish them. i can’t wait to hear it myself, actually.

and now back to band rehearsals, and writing songs, and presumably getting around to taxes at some point. life goes on and on, doesn’t it? the glamour is bright and brief.

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sorry uk

hello friends.

as you may know, my health has been up and down for the last few years. i seem to be in a delicate stage again, and my doctors (i have 3!) suggested that i cut down on travel. that said, i am feeling really well. rather than cancel the whole tour, i have opted to bow out of my 3 uk shows in may. this means that after new york i can go home and rest for a week before heading over to germany. i am really sorry to disappoint any folks in england and wales, but truly this feels like the right decision. peace of mind and rest of body. i promise to make it up to you on the next tour. 6 hour shows! burlesque dancers! an elephant!*

thanks for your understanding. and for you canadians, this is why i haven’t been able to tour canada with This Riot Life yet either. this and the darned opera that takes up all my head. but i will travel again. my psyche would not permit a quiet loner life.

and don’t worry. x v

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