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my september

so even though it appears, through my marvellously steady blogging, that i am at home crazyglued to the computator, i am actually on a farm in armstrong bc. the caravan farm. where they have clydesdales, outdoor showers, little cabins, and a bunch of theatre geeks. i’m there with my pals in theatre replacement working on a musical about ufos. called yufo! here’s a picture of maiko.

the show will go up in vancouver next march, and although it is not finished yet i can reveal that it will include theremins, smokey amps, and slow food.

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even more bedlam

this is a live track of my band (barry, martin, patsy, peggy, ak) with nick krgovich as a Special Guest at the album launch for kildeer in vancouver, april 2005. nick is the ringleader of the band p:ano. he arranged and played all the instruments on the kildeer version of bedlam, and for the show he came up with a completely different arrangement. full of arrangements, that guy. Continue reading even more bedlam