Born August 11, 1968 into a nice family in Vancouver, Canada. Started playing piano in 1974. Childhood interests included plants, books, microscopes, science fiction, and psychiatry. Attended art college in the late 80’s and started writing music. Now makes records, writes musical theatre, scores films, teaches songwriting, tours, and generally keeps busy.

Musical Associates

  • Martin Walton (bass, lap steel, ukulele, jaw harp, also a member of the Martin Walton Trio. all 3 members actually.)
  • Barry Mirochnick (drums, whatever, also plays with Great Aunt Ida, Christine Fellows, Neko Case)
  • Skye Brooks (drums, singing, also plays with Copilots, Fond of Tigers, Inhabitants)
  • Ford Pier (electric guitar, organ, French horn, also fronts the Ford Pier Vengeance Trio and plays with Carolyn Mark, Showbusiness Giants)
  • Peggy Lee (cello, also fronts the Peggy Lee Band and plays with Standing Wave and countless new music/jazz ensembles)
  • Jesse Zubot (violin, also plays with Zubot and Dawson, Fond of Tigers, and runs Drip Audio)
  • Patsy Klein (vocals, flute, glockenspiel, also a member of The Fits)
  • AK Coope (clarinet, also plays with Standing Wave and other new music and classical ensembles)
  • Shaun Brodie (trumpet, also plays with AC Newman, Las Candelas, The Hidden Cameras, and many others)

Veda’s engineers of choice are David Travers-Smith, Colin Stewart, and JC/DC.


The songs of Brecht and Eisler, writers Annie Dillard and Russell Hoban, filmmakers Hayao Miyazaki and Wes Anderson, artists Stephanie Aitken and my name is scot, pink gin, mechanical toys, crocheted animals, Lonely God potato chips and faulty translations.