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This Spring

I met Nick Krgovich when he was 15 years old, in 1998.  He came to one of my shows and gave me a cassette recording of him and his friends playing some of the emily carr songs.  It was very charming, and impressive.  Nick became a friend, and the next tape he gave me was his own songs.  Also charming and impressive.  He house-sat for us when we got married, and then he kidnapped my husband for quite a few years of touring in the bands p:ano and No Kids.  We’ve played shows together, and guested on each other’s records.  And last December, Nick once again ended up playing my songs in his living room.  The album This Spring comes out on May 21, and I freaking love it.  I have never enjoyed my songs so much.  Here’s a video for Bedlam:

and here’s a video for Lucklucky:

We’re going to play two shows together online on May 21, from the good ol’ Cultch.  One at noon and one at 6pm, pacific.  Grip tix here, as the kids say!

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