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dinner guests and handstands

so, a coupla winnipeg pals stopped by for dinner on sunday, and here’s the picture to prove it. this is the kind of fun we have!

and carrying on with the instructions theme (and a streamed version of the song, azacs!), my pal megan (trapeze artist, bloomer designer, rabbit owner) just posted a rehearsal of her new routine here. what i wouldn’t give for those core muscles.

as other things go, i’m in crazy rehearsal for yufo, the new show with theatre replacement. we open next tuesday, so as you can imagine it’s nothing but full time rehearsal now. i highly recommend this one folks, i’ll be playing live and in fact everyone in the show is a kind of pathetic triple threat. in the best way. you can book tickets through their site, which is that last link there. okeydoke, time for hot chocolate. xxv

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2 thoughts on “dinner guests and handstands

  1. Wow, thanks for posting that little film Veda. I will start practice now!

    Seriously, your friend do some amazing stuff there…

  2. I am honoured. Truly. Allow me to express my appreciation by offering some songs of my own:

    Am I wrong or is that little girl speaking new? or maybe it was yet another version i was familiar with. In any case it took me back, and i like that young voice.

    Wish i lived remotely close to your show so i could see it.
    bonne chance!

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