this is it, this is the day! peter panties is out in the world! you can download it here at bandcamp or buy the WHITE VINYL in person at a show. far away people, i will have a limited number of vinyl available online here later this week. and the reviews have started. look! radio free canuckistan! and four stars in the star!

i’m a little overexcited. toronto people, see you tonight at the music gallery. vancouver people, see you april 6th at the wise hall. must go pace around.

12 Responses to “PETER PANTIES. HERE NOW.”

  1. Elia

    Awesome news! Way to go.

  2. Art

    Excellent, but will there be a cd version?

  3. Per Aronsson

    Wow, just downloaded it. First tracks sounds very promising…

  4. Rafael

    Downloading it!!!!

    But I also want the vinyl!

  5. veda

    no plans for a cd version art. i think the age is done.

  6. Ricardo Brauna

    Pity that we won´t have an actual Cd, but I´m certainly excited to get a Vynil Too.

  7. Rafael

    Mrs. Hille, I disagree. I am an old school CD guy!

    BTW, love the CD… err… digital album, and already got a few favourite songs!

  8. Rafael

    And, while we are at it, here is a neat Veda / Bill Richardson interview:

  9. Sean

    Very Exciting – Congrats Veda and all – and, as the saying goes, I am downloading it right now 🙂

  10. Sean

    and I have found a bit of live internet VH ahead of Raf -blimey 🙂 I was just looking up the VH bandcamp page and this turned up nearby

  11. Rafael

    Wow, thanks for posting, Sean! I love the live version of “Oh, My God”.

  12. Carmen

    Awesome! Got mine in fancy ALAC format 🙂

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