well hello there. this is a picture of me ‘n mangan goofing off at the theatre replacement jetset party a few weeks ago. that was a fun one. i won a grill in the silent auction!

and what else is up? i finally finished the score for the craigslist cantata, and we dive into rehearsals on jan 2, right after new years wears off. show is in preview the week of jan 19, officially opening on the 25th. get tickets here. it’s been a long time coming, that is for sure. i think it is a finely crafted bit of sweet nonsense. before that the fits have a show, on dec 29 at the waldorf opening for the great Great Aunt Ida. she has a new record! it has a cat on it, and it’s called Nuclearize Me.

i am also lucky enough to be part of an amazing compilation record called Have Not Been The Same, a companion to the book of the same name. michael barclay, author, asked a bunch of musicians to cover canadian songs from the 80s-90s. i picked Odette, from my favourite Circle C record. you should buy the thing from zunior (at that link), if just for the burning hell’s cover of Pop Goes The World. it has spurred many a family dance party at our house this fall.

what else? spring tour with Theatre Replacement in oldenburg and cardiff, working on a new play with Marcus Youssef called How Has My Love Affected You?, and slowly finishing the epic Peter Panties record. i’ve also been thinking a lot about the museum der dinge in berlin. always a few new plans in my tired old head. don’t forget to go to the push festival! till next, xv

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  1. Rafael

    Holy schmolly!

    A new Veda cover and I missed it!

    Ordering it NOW.

    Thanks for the heads-up. And great pic, BTW!

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