the return of the newsletter

hey peoples! i have decided to resurrect an old fashioned email newsletter. because direct communication is best! if you would like to receive intermittent (maybe 6 times a year) emails containing tour info, project info, and who knows what else (fashion disasters? recipes? these are not promises), fire off an email to veda(at) eclectic canadian in your inbox. priceless. literally without price.

Northern Home Tour readysteadygo

TerraceLittleTheatre1964-65  19 - Version 2 Hello Northerners! I have posted the dates and cities of the upcoming Northern BC/AB tour on the shows page. I leave in one week. Please clear the roads and alert the moose that an inexperienced city girl is heading up. I’m very excited to see a bunch of places that i have never seen before, including Terrace, pictured here. That’s my grandparents Tess and Paul in their mountaineering club in 1964. I’ll bring my boots and hopefully get a hike in.

winding down and gearing up

whooo we’ve been having a fine time at the East Van Panto. halfway through and still giggling. and for more fun, The Fits have just scored a plum gig opening for Red Herring at the railway club this dec 23. maybe we need christmas outfits? maybe.

and then comes 2014! 14 years later and i’m still slightly disappointed that we weren’t forced to reinvent society after Y2K. but on we go. I’ll be in toronto in early january, coaching the Craigslist team for their shows in Calgary and Edmonton. there’ll be a nice small house concert in toronto, send me an email if you want the secret directions. and then in february i’m going to venture into true winter for 12 shows in northern bc and alberta! please applaud my southern bravery. feb 2-15 i’ll be playing house concerts through the Home Routes people. i’ll be putting those exact dates up soon, but for now you can check the “shows” page and see if your town is on the list. my first time in Terrace! Hazelton! and many more. time to relearn some of the old tunes; send requests if you have them.

till next, i hope you get a walk in the snow and some good comfort this season. here’s to good surprises.

home and dizzy

hello vancouver! the jetlag has lingered and left, and i am at last able to address you coherently. we are home. we miss berlin. we love our little house. i have at last updated the shows page. look so many shows! and that just takes us up to the end of 2013; there are more in 2014, and some of them are outside of vancouver. more on that soon.

there is also a Secret Show. if you would like to come to an invite-only workshop presentation of a new musical on november 4 or 5, send me a message at

what else? i wrote a new album of songs in berlin. i will start making that record this winter. as for the other records, i am updating the store so you will be able to buy them soon. i am reading per petterson, and i am happy to be cooking autumn food. i hope you are all well.

Another berlin show

I will be playing a little tiny show at my friend Tim’s space Zwischenetage on September 27. Tim will play too! We will play together! Probably at 8! The address is Weiserstr 7. New songs, lookout. UPDATE: NOT WEISERSTR (which doesn’t even exist) BUT WISSMANNSTR 7. Ring the doorbell with the zigzaggy red A on it, and come to the back house. ALSO NOT AT 8, AT 7. God, so much misinformation.

Berlin Report

20130902-173420.jpg Hello peoples. Here is a general ill-ordered list of where things are at with me.
1. Unbelievably, it is possible to grow tired of buffalo mozzarella.
2. The Berlin aquarium is 100 years pretty great.
3. The autumn kicked in promptly on September 1st.
4. I played a really fun show at Schokoladen last week.
5. I’m also playing in Dresden on September 28 at Jazztonne. Check out the shows page.
6. This is a picture of my workspace. It’s insane, but it appears I am still interested in writing songs.

PS turns out I am not competent enough to update the shows page from this continent. So. I am playing in Dresden on sept 28, and there are a bunch of Vancouver shows in oct thru December that I will add when able.

newness and the next

fernsehturm hallo midsummer peoples. welcome to the new site! still a few shaky legs around, but i’m very happy that dale harrison was able to clean me up so nicely. thanks dale. we are revamping the orders page to include downloads of most albums, and that will be ready later in the fall, along with the old hard copy options. for now you can visit zunior or iTunes or bandcamp for digital musicking. you may also notice that the old audio files on the site are not working; i’ll put those up on soundcloud later this year. later later, because i have to write some new music. forward!

ps we’re going to be hanging in manchester from sept 30-oct 5, and i’m looking for a gig. one show a year in the uk! that is my mild promise.

Folk Fest Memory Project

happy folk fest weekend vancouverites!  remember that thing we did last year, where i wrote songs based on people’s festival memories and then performed them live with a band and choir?  well, we recorded it.  and you can get it right here. thanks to our grand team of singers players and engineers. see you at the beach!

ps last night i dreamed about a Specialty Rittersport: Lobster and Gold. i think this bodes well for the upcoming berlin time.