medieval boys

arthurianmy compatriots for the last 2 weeks, at neworld theatre. we’re working on a piece that will go up in 2017, for crying out loud. but now, now i am on vacation. xv

summer is a cumin

onegin howdy all. look, it’s our romantic russian musical! going up march 17 next year, but you could buy tickets now if you’re a keener: arts club theatre. i’m just plowing through the score, and getting ready for our next workshop. there’s a showing on monday june 15 at the arts club revue stage if you’d like to see it in process. also in process: i have a small solo show on june 21 to talk about What I’ve Accomplished as artist-in-residence at the arts club. new songs! muddled stories! bits and bobs! more details on that coming soon. and what else? the album is coming along very nicely, if slowly. the panto machine is rolling into action: Hansel and Gretel next december. expect some Kraftwerk influence. and i am embarking on a quest with NeWorld Theatre and the great Niall McNeil: at last i get to dive into the King Arthur legend with a bunch of awesome knights. i feel like this post is devolving into code. time for clarity and lunch.


we’re doing our little cultch wine bar dealie again on April 19. my special guest is the smart and lovely Aislinn Hunter, author of The World Before Us. plan to hear us kibbitz and trade stories/songs, and drink wine. it will be fun again! before that i’m off on ANOTHER HOLIDAY. can you believe it??? who do i think i am? i am someone who is heading to nyc to see some shows, eat some food, and go visit the museum of natural history. after that it will be nothing but knuckling down for the rest of the year, i assure you. yeesh. get off my back already.

westcoast spring

oregon_shadow Guys! i went on a holiday! a real actual road trip with the family. it was incredibly good. we saw elephant seal babies. we went to the mystery spot. we attended the magic castle. and ALCATRAZ. but mostly BEACHES. thank you westcoast for your wonderful beaches. that’s it. i’m not even going to talk about music. it still exists though.

push fest

hey vancouver,the push festival is up and running. sorry, my ability to link seems to be extremely hampered. you can find it on the interweb, i’m sure. i’ll be at club PuSh most nights. come see it all! also, we’ve added a veda hille band show at the fox cabaret on feb 4, also part of push. i’ve managed to cobble together AN AWESOME BAND: peggy lee, barry mirochnick, jesse zubot. we play at 11, with ian william craig up first. $10, come one come all. that’s all for now, must run to my piano.


this week! sunday january 11th at the cultch little bar, with guests Bill Richardson and The Fits. small room, come early, eat cheese, drink wine.

*SORRY FOLKS, THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. that was quick. we’re figuring out when the february one will happen, so that we can tell you about it pronto.

year end

2014foxhello people, goodbye 2014!  i have been delightfully in panto captivity for the last 2 months, heading into our last show in a few hours.  and then all the next.  what’s up for 2015, you ask?  well.  i am going to be the Arts Club Theatre Artist-in-Residence.  what does that mean, you ask?  it means a whole heck of a lot more theatre coming out of hille, that’s what.  essentially, 2015 looks to be  year of writing musicals and recording an album, slowly but surely.  those lovely patrons who have ordered the album in advance will be getting a Special Progress Report in the next week, with a Tide-You-Over attachment.  in the near future is the push festival, which i have helped to curate. you can find me most nights at Club Push, either in the audience or occasionally on stage. we will also be continuing the new tiny series VHINE UND SZONG at the cultch wine bar, details coming soon for the next show. alright, now i must ready myself for a final turn of being The Orchestra for the east van panto. i will miss singing beyonce and sia songs, for sure. happy new year all!

Reporting before Hurricane Hannah takes us

hello hello! us west coast naifs are kind of hoping for the exciting tail of hannah this evening. we have jack o lanterns at the ready. i have been working in my tempestuous garret for the last month, pencilling away at Onegin. Vancouver can come see the first complete sing through at the Revue theatre on Granville Island this sunday, the 2nd. and hey, niceness, we just won a prize! Onegin has been awarded the Stage West Pechet Family Musical Award. thank you to the playwrights guild of canada and the arts club theatre and all the actors and musicians who have been helping us make this thing.


A few other Vancouver things coming up:  i’m starting a new series at the Cultch in the wine bar, called VHINE UND SZONG.  just songs, while you drink wine.  how bad could it be?  and even less badness, david newberry is going to join me on november 5th for the first one.  and then on november 14, Aislinn Hunter and i will have a talky singy thing at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, discussing museums and taxidermy and what have you.  there will be wine at that one too.  so civilized.


alright, i must get back to constructing a musical, an album, and a mummy costume.  batten down those hatches, people.

Orpheus Project

I’m on a soundcloud roll. you can listen here to the song I wrote for Music on Main’s Orpheus Project. This is a live recording from the beautiful room that Naomi Sider designed as our lounge-y underworld. Steve Maddocks sings as Orpheus, wonderfully.


the lions happy dog days of august to you all. i’ve had a long hot whirlwind of a summer, working on Onegin, my album, Orpheus*, and various shows. i’m gearing up for a 2nd iteration of my newsletter, so if you’d like something more detailed in your inbox, fire off an email to veda(at) but today’s exciting news is that author Aislinn Hunter asked me to write a song to go along with her new book The World Before Us. so i did, and you can hear/download it here on the projects page. the book comes out September 10, so there’s something to look forward to. i’m off to the pne now, our traditional transition of the seasons here in vancouver. soon our house will have a new giant squeaky hammer, and a sore belly from candy apples. maybe this year i’ll finally try the deep fried butter. (that will not happen, don’t worry. i have limits.)