Young Saint Marie by Veda Hille (CD)

Released 2011

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CD copy of Young Saint Marie by Veda Hille, released in 2011

About This Album

Songs by Buffy Sainte-Marie and Neil Young reimagined by Veda and composer Giorgio Magnanensi. Recorded live with the CBC Radio Orchestra and in studio with the big version of her swell band.


Buffy Sainte-Marie Songs

  1. Summerboy
  2. Co’dine
  3. Now That The Buffalo’s Gone
  4. Cripple Creek
  5. Winterboy
  6. Little Wheel Spin And Spin

Neil Young Songs

  1. Ohio
  2. A Man Needs A Maid
  3. Transformer Man
  4. Deep Forbidden Lake
  5. Cortez The Killer
  6. After The Goldrush