Do You Want What I Have Got? by Veda Hille (CD)

Released 2009

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CD copy of Do You Want What I Have Got? by Veda Hille, released in 2009

About This Album

Music from three theatre shows. The live premiere of the Craigslist Cantata (20 minutes only), a studio recording of the songs of YUFO (about slow food, alien abduction, and the winter olympics) and a live choral performance of Raft of the Medusa (songs about cannibalism at sea).


  1. I Log On
  2. Dead Deer, Dead Moose
  3. Free Man’s Toupee
  4. Sponges (As Promised)
  5. You Dropped Your Bible And I Saw Your Thong
  6. Cat Hats
  7. Chili Eating Buddy
  8. Decapitated Dolls
  9. Missed Connections
  10. Do You Want What I Have Got?
  11. Overture
  12. I Was 13 (Toyota)
  13. Little Andy
  14. All The Winter Olympics To Date
  15. Where You Going, Andy
  16. Do You Experience?
  17. Clumsy Musical Robot
  18. Animal Friend
  19. They Treated Me With The Utmost Respect
  20. Laboratory
  21. Lost!
  22. I Was 13 (Andy)
  23. Don’t Hurt My Robot
  24. Snowblind
  25. Rio Oso
  26. Finally
  27. Weakness And The Weakness Of Weakness
  28. O Beloved (Devourer)
  29. A Survivor’s Tale
  30. The Bloody Feast
  31. All Gone, Be Still