This Riot Life by Veda Hille (Digital)

Released 2008

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Digital copy of This Riot Life by Veda Hille, released in 2008

About This Album

Songs about grief, ecstasy, trees, and Japanese bathhouses. Recorded with the grand version of her swell band. Limited numbers available.

…a new batch of songs that pulsate with life…a fierce and uncompromising performance…an unlikely collaboration between the 20th century modernist and 19th century Romantic
The Georgia Straight


  1. Lucklucky
  2. Book Of Saints
  3. Ace Of The Nazarene
  4. A Shining Forth
  5. Oh Come On
  6. The Moon
  7. Sleepers
  8. Soapland Serenade
  9. Cowper’s Folly
  10. Rose Of Sharon
  11. Constance
  12. This Spring
  13. The Trees