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thunderstorms, lambs, and old old computers

a beautiful dark day here at the caravan farm, the first damp of the week. clouds rolling in over the hills, smatterings of heavy raindrops, we may be able to light the huge bonfire tonight finally. both the moon and the sun have been dark red from the forest fire smoke all week. there is a chickadee in the rehearsal hall, it seems to gravitate towards the piano. in my mind, at least. and yesterday we flushed a brown owl in the woods, playing snare drum. jamie was playing snare, not the owl.

a new and interesting project on the horizon: i will be performing buffy st. marie’s songs with the cbc radio orchestra next spring. giorgio magnanensi will be writing arrangements, should be a thrilling event. a live concert at the chan centre in vancouver, broadcast on cbc of course. and no, we will not be interpreting “up where we belong”.

nicky is making roast leg of lamb tonight, and we bought mint jelly at the farmer’s market. and here comes the real rain. Continue reading thunderstorms, lambs, and old old computers

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my september

so even though it appears, through my marvellously steady blogging, that i am at home crazyglued to the computator, i am actually on a farm in armstrong bc. the caravan farm. where they have clydesdales, outdoor showers, little cabins, and a bunch of theatre geeks. i’m there with my pals in theatre replacement working on a musical about ufos. called yufo! here’s a picture of maiko.

the show will go up in vancouver next march, and although it is not finished yet i can reveal that it will include theremins, smokey amps, and slow food.

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