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do you want what i have got?

rehearsals for our little musical are going well. i had an actual chorus line kind of moment when we first sang in a line for our director and sm and producer. fun! and silly. did i tell you who is singing?  ford pier, patsy klein, sam newton, barry mirochnick.  brave souls.  for those new to this blog, the musical (titled as this post is titled) is based on craigslistings. book by bill richardson, music by me. here is a sneak preview, me singing into the minidisc while my son cries in the other room. attended by his father, of course.


and while we’re on the subject, joe wrote in recently and alerted me to the music of gabriel kahane in nyc. who has a song cycle called Craislistlieder. and many other fine musics besides. so there you go, we’re all thinking the same thoughts eventually.

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the farming life

so friends, i am on my way back to the caravan farm today, to work for a week on a new leaky heaven circus project. i’m looking forward to a little cabin in the woods, lots of card playing, and of course some crazy theatre work. this also means that i’ll be on dial up for the week, and therefore moving slowly in this online world. when i get back i’ll post some pictures of our show last night. it was wild and my head is fuzzy this morning.

as for the life support system (see blogs below), there did end up being about 12 people who had to resend their “count me in” emails. so if you wrote to me and signed on, and didn’t get any response, please do try again. there are still a few packages left. i’ll try to check emails every coupla days this week. the best thing is that i now have enough money to make the record exactly as i’d like to. i’ve hired a wicked horn section, and a fantastic vibes/marimba player. and barry and justin have some schemes for timpani as well. it’s thrilling.

a note for folks in canada: the bonnie klein film “Shameless: The ART of Disability” that i wrote music for is airing on Bravo on may 13, 5pm PT and 8pm ET. it’s a marvellous film. you can also buy it on dvd from the NFB.

ok, enough info. i’m going to pack and drink my coffee. til next week i remain, faithfully yours xv Continue reading the farming life