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Lover Hater Hater Lover

hello dears. happy first day of summer. i’m happy in the heat. and hey look, a beautiful new video for Lover Hater! made by allison hrabluik and aaron carpenter. i love it. i commissioned this video to mark the moment where i finally embraced streaming culture. you can now get Love Waves on spotify and all those other places. stream, Love Waves, stream.

and what else is up? a record! or two! first up is an album of the songs from the show King Arthur’s Night. you can watch a video about that project here. we’ll be cramming a choir and drummers and me and some goats into the studio this summer, so you can expect this extravaganza in early 2019 when the show is touring. and then i’ve been working on playing piano on my own a whole bunch lately; i figure it’s time for a solo piano/vocal album.

that’s kinda the rest of my year. writing, playing, planning. i hope you all have things lined up that give you a solid footing in the world. steady on, team.