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paypal, it’s true

ok smokies, the electronic buying-ness seems to be fully operational! in fact, i just sent off two orders today, from the farm. is that service, or what? not to say that service will be faultless. hopefully the personal nature of the thing will suffice. it’ll either be me or quinne, my internet soldier, sending orders out over the next few months. we may not always be as fast as some of those crazy ebay enthusiasts but we’ll try. if you’re worried, you can always email us at to find out what’s up. i’d make that email a link for you, but i’m working on windows 98 here folks. sloooooowwwwch. driving me crazy in fact.

in other news, the show is coming along well and weirdly. we’re working with sarah chase, a great choreographer that i happened to go to high school with, but haven’t seen in 20 years. we seem oddly the same to each other.

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