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riot life

well we had a grand time at the ol’ cultch on sunday night. a great night, with the band soaring, me weeping, and the audience leaping to their feet. a fine reception for the last year’s work. we’re going into studio in april to make the new album, and it will be out in early 2008. i know that’s a long ways away. but it’s just the way its got to be. in the meantime, here’s some pictures of sunday. check my finnish dress!

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box away

hello folks, and merry whatsit to you. it’s a quiet light grey day here in vancouver, a calm moment in the sociable seasonal whirlwind. of course thoughts turn to the year past. i idly considered making some of those top 10 lists for you, but i’m not a fan of that kind of ordering. i can tell you i listened alot to john southworth’s album the pillowmaker this year, and juana molina’s son, and the flaming lips’ at war with the mystics. i can suggest that you skip seeing the curse of the golden flower, as it is a massive overdramatic disappointment. i can attest that it is always good to give and get fancy socks. and jam. and then i’ll just get quiet, and think of loved ones come and gone this year. here’s to whatever comes next, for all of us.

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