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hey look

after almost 2 years of being out of stock, we finally have “you do not live in this world alone” back in action! this is one of my epic records, full of strings and horns and drums courtesy of my band and compu-glitches courtesy of mr. christof migone. here, take a listen to “born lucky”. ford pier wrote the string arrangement. Continue reading hey look

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well here we go

ok team, here it is, the long promised new website. i’m still a little scared of all its possibilities, but i’ll get over it. because there are exciting things. videos! songs! drawings! towels (coming soon)! and paypal. i’m almost sad about the demise of snailmail orders, i love getting letters. even form letters. but it must be admitted that it is now easier for you to buy records from me, and that is not at all a bad thing. you can still write letters though. if you like. box 4763, vancouver bc, V6B 4A4. i’ll be checking, every time i go to the library.

alrighty, go explore and tell us what’s working and what’s not. xv Continue reading well here we go