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paypal still a fuzzy dream

alas, although we have debugged our paypal connection somewhat, it is still not up and strong and walking around. and now weston, my webmaster, has gone off to gambier island for the long weekend to build an outhouse. which just goes to show that even internet geniuses still have to deal with the stinky physical world.

so fingers crossed for next week, as with all the other indistinct elements of the site. but there’s still lots to look at! and here’s one of my favorite songs from Silver, played live at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre last year with barry, peggy, ak, martin, and patsy. a toast to good ideas. happy labour day. Continue reading paypal still a fuzzy dream

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Our Animal Friends

so, there is this excellent thing called Trampoline Hall. my pal misha glouberman is the host. it is a lecture series, in which people are requested to present a 12 minute lecture on a subject that they are not an expert in. that they are inexpert in? yes. in november 2005 i presented the lecture Our Animal Friends at the Slipper Room in NYC.

later in 2005 i was up in whitehorse, YT, working on a show called The Longest Night. we decided to present the lecture again, this time with the absolutely expert accompaniment of The Longest Night Ensemble. i particularly like the horsey sounds. Continue reading Our Animal Friends