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another year done

hello my dears. i’m sitting in a living room lit only by a tree. i love ghosting around the christmas house in the dead of night.

it’s been a heckuva year, and i can’t say i’m sorry to see it go. i have some beautiful plans for 2018, starting with a holiday in Hawaii next week. keep an eye on instagram for some vacation boasting. i’ll be nice and tanned for the performances of King Arthur’s Night in Vancouver. this is an epic show, and i hope you can get yourself out for it. and then in february i’ll be in residence at cove park in Scotland, with my new friends at Cryptic UK. it’s high time i wrote something new, I can feel all kinds of weird impulses bubbling around.

and that just takes us to march! more things will happen, shall be revealed, etc. in the meantime i hope the year’s turn is good for you, with that little breath of excitement to propel you forward. i’m so excited to watch people surfing, i can hardly stand it.

2 thoughts on “another year done

  1. Hello Veda:
    I had the good fortune to be at the last matinee performance of Onegin on December 31st at the Granville Island Arts Centre. I wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Bravo! Next, I wanted to let you know that Mitchell (my son) will be in Metro Vancouver from Jan. 19th to the 23rd. You could reach him by using my email address if you wished to.

    All the best in 2018.

  2. hi marilyn! i’m so glad you got to see the show. i’ll email mitch and hopefully get a chance to see him while he’s around. i visited him in halifax last year, it was lovely to hang out after all these years. best, xv

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