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september round again

plastic acid panorama

well folks, it looks like author Aislinn Hunter has become my official live photographer. this is her shot from the show last weekend with Plastic Acid Orchestra. it was a beautiful night. i hope we get to do it again someday.

as always in september, i am overwhelmed with beauty and emails. the way the world kicks into brisk decay never fails to inspire. and the way people get back into the office never ceases to terrify. here is what’s up in music for me: the craigslist musical (now called Missed Connections) is currently in a showcase run in New York. i am working on songs and choral arrangements for King Arthur (Neworld Theatre) which will premiere next year. I’m finishing up the final ridiculous touches on the East Van Panto’s Little Red Riding Hood. the Onegin record gets back from the printer in a few short days, and then there will be news of a release concert along with news of the stage show’s return. i have two other theatre shows that are in the works, as well as a new piece with beloved Bill Richardson. i got to play a show with my friend Harold Budd in august, and we are also making plans. i have a few shows in the middle of the canada in october, to be announced soon. and of course Love Waves continues to make its way in the world. my goodness.

in other, perhaps more important news, everything fall is upon us. i’ve happily jumped back into my pursuit of tossing off a great risotto. pies are on my mind. rice bowls are a staple at breakfast and dinner. the birds are at the feeder and i have a great pile of mending that i’m looking forward to. i got new tights and knee socks. i’ve promised to start lightly jogging, but we’ve heard that one before. here’s to clear air and bright leaves.


2 thoughts on “september round again

  1. Yippee!! Onegin is coming! Can’t wait to hear it. You are spoiling us this year, Veda.

  2. Veda, I figured it out over a decade ago, but your plan to conquer the world and slave us all is quite obvious at this point!

    Onegin RULES! What a great year to be a Veda fan!

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