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look, it’s the fits! a photo by the stalwart adam pw smith, taken at To Sir With Love last year. but you can see us fresh and soon on june 17 at the vancouver east cultural centre, helping the lovely Fish&Bird release their new albumchild. more songs about monkeys and dead horses, i promise. some aspect of hille will be playing on june 25 at W2 at a book launch for the lastingly weird Olo J. Milkman. Olo has been an artist pal and a patron and spews good ideas all the time. plus he practically gave me my first c*sio keyboard. he has alot to answer for.

i will also be lifting a glass at the Jessie awards this year, where two shows that i was part of have nominations: both Peter Panties and Dress Me Up In Your Love are up for Innovations awards. plus i have a nomination for PP music, thrilling! more vancouver shows are in the works, and one day i’ll leave town again i swear. i haven’t forgotten the rest of the world. i’m just so busy cleaning up lego and making rhubarb cobbler.

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