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i fed a blackbird from my hand

that was a good morning. rabbits in the brambles too. for a while i didn’t think about the DEVASTATING ARTS CUTS. whoops. think about ducks, think about ducks.

the theatre replacement greatest cities show is looking good. opens at the cultch in vancouver on march 9, and goes on to play in montreal, ottawa, kitchener, and at the shadbolt in burnaby over the next few months. really intricate weird borrowed language, collected in tennessee by the actors and director. i love it.

all the things i’m working on right now are lucky things. meaning, i feel lucky. greatest cities, leaky heaven and neworld theatre’s peter panties, plus an expanded craigslist cantata with my pals bill richardson and ami gladstone. and this weekend, the oscars! have i mentioned that i love the oscars? i make up a new cocktail every year. this year is Fantastic Mr. Vodka. when i have the ingredients worked out i’ll let you know.

4 thoughts on “i fed a blackbird from my hand

  1. Other possibilities: Blindsider, Avatini, World-of-Hurt-Tomorrow-Morning Locker.

  2. oooo, nice! feel free to post recipes. i dare you. i’m thinking that the fantastic mr vodka will involve grey goose, apple cider, aaaand….chicken stock? maybe not. maybe something cinnamony.


    4 parts Magellan gin*
    1 part tears of Gaia
    2 dashes pure hubris

    Add gin, tears and hubris to shaker, with ice (carved into fasntastical forms) stolen from Roger Dean. Shake until your wallet is $300 million lighter. Garnish with a Smurf. Drink until you see double, then put on 3-D glasses.

    *It’s blue! For realz, not like that Sapphire tease where it’s just the bottle talking. Tastes good, too, but you better like twists because putting an olive in a blue drink is just fugly.

  4. i’m totally checking out that gin.

    the fantastic mr vodka turned out to be:

    an ounce of grey goose gin
    about a quarter cup of weston’s organic cider
    top up with club soda
    garnish with bruised thyme.

    very woodsy!

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